Our story so far...

The  deregulation of the dairy industry forced many small farmers to re-assess their futures. We were among those who were made to face the music.  We had run a dairy farm at Purga, near Ipswich, in South-East Queensland for almost half a century.

Conservative by nature, we took almost two years to decide what to do next. We knew we wanted to stay on our farm and that we wanted to continue with cattle.  So we started looking around at the options.  Both myself [Dawn] and Bevan wanted cattle that were quiet, suitable for our area and that could be turned off early at premium rates, and I guess that's what attracted us to Square Meaters.

We now run both Stud and Commercial cattle and are eager to show all who are interested how square Meaters can inject muscle and finish into crossbred cattle. Our commercial herd is focused on breeding Square Meaters cross Illawarra, producing vealers destined for the Silverdale Sale yards in Ipswich.

We kept some of our favorite Illawarra milking cows, and have had excellent returns for our vealers.  They consistently  sell in the top 10% - 20% of the market and Coles is usually the buyer. Some of these calves have weighed in excess of 200kg at five months of age, straight off their mother with no grain.

We formed our 'Warrill Creek' Square Meaters Stud in January 2002 by purchasing the Bull  'Vesco Vice Regal' from       Jo Van Eltens's Vesco Stud and two Heifers from Ron Lowe's Kre-8 Beef Stud.

As the years roll on 'Warrill Creek' Square Meaters Stud has expanded to over fifty stud females with many, many success stories.

We are very proud of our Compact, Quiet, Achievers, and the many great Show results at different events and sales over the years.